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Why should you use us?

Just a few reasons...

• Experts in PDR
• 100,000s of dents repaired
• Years of experience
• Fast and Friendly Service
• We come to your home or workplace
• Repaired without paint or filler
• Keeps original factory finish
• A fraction of the cost of paintwork
• No risk of mis-matched paint
• All work 100% guaranteed
• Very competitive prices
• Free and no obligation quote service
• Almost always cheaper than your insurance excess




Dr Dent is a privately owned fully mobile service operating in the Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and Berkshire (Berks) counties.


We are the most qualified company in our area and have had highly advanced training with one of most advanced paintless dent removal (PDR) companies in the world. We know many different techniques and use all the latest tools and equipment.

We specialise in extreme dents so if your roof has been walked on or your damage is extremely large please send us your pictures, we may be able to help!

We offer two levels of paintless dent removal (PDR) : -


Standard Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) – Everyday dents, dings and creases up to about 8 inches in size.


Extreme Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) – This is really only of benefit to newer cars. This is for massive damage to expensive cars that have been quote hundreds to thousands of pound to repair but want to keep the car original. Because the time involved is greater and the results have to be perfect the cost is significantly more but usually less than half a bodyshop quote. For example, BMW 5 series, 2009 ( in our gallery ) needed 2 new doors and the side painting. Cost: doors £400+VAT each, labour and paint £1600+VAT. Dr Dent repairs as new with no paint for £500+ VAT


Please be aware we perform no paintwork what so ever (no bumper scuffs or wheel repairs etc) and we are not a bodyshop. We cannot repair heavy impact damaged panels. Examples of what we can’t repair:


Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Berkshire (Berks) Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Berkshire (Berks)


Our services are 100% environmentally friendly . We use no solvents or fillers etc and have no chemical disposal.




Dr Dent offers a minimizing service for bodyshops. We can minmize large dents, badly damaged panels (ie – roofs) sometimes completely removing them, saving hours on repair times and material costs. We work for a lot of bodyshops with very successful results and we increase productivity. Please call for information or references.


Areas we cover are in Bucks & Berks –
High Wycombe              Horton
Beaconsfield                  Englefield Green
Marlow                             Twyford
Flackwell Heath             Knowl Hill     
Bourne End                    Warren Row
Maidenhead                   Sonning
Slough                             Woodley 
Burnham                         Warfield
Taplow                             Wokingham
Langley                            Gerrard Cross
Iver                                    Denham


If your area is not listed please feel free to ring us on 01189 481 852 to ask if we cover it. Alternatively, drop us a line at info@dr-dent.co.uk


Examples of our work
Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Berkshire (Berks)
See examples of before and after photos
All images shown are only work of Dr Dent if you see these images on other sites they stole them from us!
Dr Dent in action
View a video of Dr Dent in action
This was a very badly damaged example of a roof that was fixed to the high quality finish shown above.
How much does it cost?
Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Berkshire (Berks)
Get an idea of the cost to repair your car
We dont hide the cost of our repairs. Give us a call for a quote if you have a badly damaged or complicated repair.