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My Porsche had three significant dents in the bonnet and front wing and i was not hopeful for how good the outcome would be. Dr Dent made a very swift appointment with me and within half an hour he had restored the damaged areas to absolutely perfect condition. I have already recommended Dr Dent to friends and would have no hesitation in using him again. - Jonathan





The galleries below show real life examples of our high quality of work. They have been segmented into 'Large Dents', 'Extreme Dents' and 'Normal Dents' for ease of viewing.


Large Dents



Extreme Dents



Normal Dents



Examples of our work
Dent Remover - Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) - Buckinghamshire & Berkshire
See examples of before and after photos
All images shown are only work of Dr Dent if you see these images on other sites they stole them from us!
Dr Dent in action
View a video of Dr Dent in action
This was a very badly damaged example of a roof that was fixed to the high quality finish shown above.
How much does it cost?
Dent Remover - Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) - Buckinghamshire & Berkshire
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We dont hide the cost of our repairs. Give us a call for a quote if you have a badly damaged or complicated repair.