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Why should you use us?

Just a few reasons...

• Experts in PDR
• 100,000s of dents repaired
• Years of experience
• Fast and Friendly Service
• We come to your home or workplace
• Repaired without paint or filler
• Keeps original factory finish
• A fraction of the cost of paintwork
• No risk of mis-matched paint
• All work 100% guaranteed
• Very competitive prices
• Free and no obligation quote service
• Almost always cheaper than your insurance excess




Paintless Dent Removal has been around since the 1940s and has only been in the public eye for the last twenty years..


Dr Dent offers the highest quality paintless dent removal around – period.

We pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest in quality of work, flawless finish, fast and friendly professional service. We are consistently pushing the limits of paintless dent removal (PDR) and we specialise in large deep complex dents and very sharp dents that other companies are unable to repair. We have had highly advanced training on complex large damage to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality work.

We love a challenge, whether its a 2 foot crease in a door, a very sharp dent or just awkward access. If you have been told by another company that your damage is un-repairable through PDR then please send us an e-mail with a picture and we will reply within 24 hours.




If you are ultra fussy and looking for a 100% perfect repair with no tools marks, beaten copper effect, high spots, peaks, crowns etc then we are the company for you. Our prices are often slightly less than our opponents because we can repair dents in half the time and our end results are always better.



Be aware of dent techs and people claiming to be dent removal specialists that spend hours on dents and hammer it to death, drill or even worse punch holes! All they are doing is working the panel with no clear idea of what the are trying to do and fatiguing the metal . We can save most poor PDR repairs but normally it takes a lot longer and the end result cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Over the years we have noticed an increasing amount of people, who after a couple of weeks training think that they can become a competent dent remover and normally spend the first few years making mistakes on paying customers cars, destroying what could have been repaired by a skilled technician costing the owners money in bodyshops and giving PDR a bad name.


It is always a good idea when getting a quote to ask how long the technician has been in the business as you may end up with somebody using your car for practise. It is a lot more time consuming to put somebody else’s repairs right. If you have had a poor repair done before and you confidence in PDR has been knocked then please give us a chance to restore it.

This will speed up turn around time, save on materials and save money. It also keeps us on the ball, with regular large complex dent repairs every week – Please see our bodyshop services section.


Trade customers are always welcome and can benefit from massive bodyshop savings, discounted prices and a very prompt service.

We are constantly buying equipment and have the very latest tools, technology, experience and skill to give a jaw dropping result every time! Everything we do is guaranteed for the time you own the vehicle. We use a range of tools that don’t scratch the interior finish on the panel, which can lead to corrosion especially in doors and wings.


Examples of our work
Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Buckinghamshire (Bucks)
See examples of before and after photos
All images shown are only work of Dr Dent if you see these images on other sites they stole them from us!
Dr Dent in action
View a video of Dr Dent in action
This was a very badly damaged example of a roof that was fixed to the high quality finish shown above.
How much does it cost?
Dent Removal & Dent Repair (PDR) In Buckinghamshire (Bucks)
Get an idea of the cost to repair your car
We dont hide the cost of our repairs. Give us a call for a quote if you have a badly damaged or complicated repair.